What can we offer?


We are looking for business sponsors who want to help us financially with bringing adjustments to the centre. What can we offer businesses?


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What do we need?


Let them roam free:
We have many paddocks and meadows which are in a bad shape, the electrical fencing is broken, the water piping is broken and the wooden shadow areas needs to be fixed so they can be used by the horses again.


€ 10.000,- or in man hours or materials


Camera security:
Sadly we have found out that sick people have tried to hurt one of our ponies one night and as well we find people coming into the forest feeding the horses. Feeding horses food which is not good for them. With camera security we can have more control and protect the horses and ponies.


€ 1.500,- or donated


Communal area:
We would love to invite more people to come to our centre but at the moment the clubhouse, bar and toilets are in bad shape and need to get a big make over.


€ 6.000,- or in man hours


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Help us taking care of all the horses and give them the future they deserve!