Our Story

Where to begin.. let’s begin with ‘the mother of all horses’, she has been living on Ibiza for many years and started out as a stable owner at first. This didn’t feel right for her anymore. She started to learn more about natural horsemanship and became a strong believer in it.


As a woman with a big heart she has always rescued animals on the island, many cats, dogs but also horses. The last years more and more mistreated horses found refugee at her horse paradise. She tries so hard to take care of them but having 19 horses/ponies with many of them with a medical history or old age is not easy and the cost are really high as well for maintaining the land and paddocks. One woman cannot carry this alone let alone pay for all of it. Thats why we are starting a foundation to ask the community for support and help.


Our dream is that the horses & ponies can life their forever lives here because it is a true paradise! But we need to improve the property and make it winter ready and we want to expand the dream of owner to work with horses and people on a therapeutic base with natural horsemanship, to overcome fears, anxiety and traumas. But now there is no time to do this, as all the hours of the day go into feeding, giving medicines, cleaning the paddocks, grooming and working with the horses.


Everybody needs some help sometimes and when you have so many animals a helping hand is highly appreciated and we think not more than normal. If you want to help now send us a message or call and we will explain all about the vision and ideas there are for the most beautiful horse forest on Ibiza and the amazing horses who live here with the owner!


Love from all of us..

Help us taking care of all the horses and give them the future they deserve!