Make a new friend

Do you want to help one horse or pony at the Centre you can adopt one of them and have a virtual horse/pony for his or her life! With your help this horse or pony will have the extra attention or care they need. We will send you a certificate of adoption and as well a monthly update with photos and videos of your adopted horse or pony.


AGE: 31

Quinty was rescued at brought to the centre in 2008 with her friend Victor. She was diagnosed with leukemia and needed to have treatment to survive. She couldn’t even walk that’s how sick she was when she came in. She stayed in the house of Cindy so she could be watched 24 hours and got very strong medicines every day. Every morning was very scary to see if she still was alive until one morning.. Cindy found her walking around in the living room! After that day she got better and better every day and after a while she was fully recovered. We are so thankful she pulled through. She is a very friendly Miniature Shetland pony who loves having her tummy tickled!


AGE: 11

Lovely Rumbera was found heartlessly abandoned in a field, with no shelter, food or water. She was standing in a field and she just gave up the fight. Totally depressed, totally dehydrated and just bones left. When she came to the rescue Centre she was extremely nervous and scared of the whole world. With the right treatment and with lots and lots of TLC she soon became the lovely, friendly horse she is today! She is the best friend of Muneca.


AGE: 12

Muneca was put on transport with 40 others horses and foals. A lady rescued her from the transport and contacted Cindy and told her she had to meet this horse she is so sweet and she needs to be rescued and be loved. The day she came to forest and walked out the trailer it was clear to see, she needed help urgently. Her skin was in a terrible shape, she had an extreme eczema, no more manes because of larva’s in her manes. The attention, good food and medical help given to her by Cindy helped her to recover and she became the most beautiful sweet horse in the world, Muneca. So calm and full of trust. Muneca means doll in Spanish and she really is a doll of horse.


AGE: 21

Jarana was found left to die in a field together with Flamenca. The centre got a phone call about two horses left in a field to die. After one look it was heartbreaking to see in how bad of a shape the horses were. Jarana was beside of being starved almost to death very mistreated by the owner. She had wounds on her legs and body as they wanted to teach her the Spanish pass with chains and wipes. In the beginning she trusted no one and it was very hard to come near her. But after a few weeks and a lot of times just sitting close to her, she started to trust us and we could get close to her. Now she is so beautiful and loving and still the best friend of Flamenca.


AGE: 21

Flamenca was found left to die in a field together with Jarana. She was painfully thin. The centre got a phone call about two horses left in a field to die. After one look it was heartbreaking to see in how bad of a shape the horses were. Jarana was so thin she couldn’t keep her head up or walk more than a few meters. The severe starvation took a toll on her muscles. After she arrived at the shelter and got an inspection by the vet she was as well diagnosed with cancer but not life threatening. It took months to get her in shape. It was very hard but look at her now. Noble big horse with a heart of gold.


AGE: 19

She was no more fun so the owner didn’t feed her any more. Itaka was privately owned to be the daughters pony.. after a new horse arrived they stopped feeding her as the daughter didn’t like her anymore. The two horses where standing next to each other one well fed and Itaka just skin and bones.. People can be so cruel. Itaka was physical in a bad shape but as well mentally hurt very bad. She was very very depressed! When she arrived at the Centre and when we opened the trailer she gave us a small whinny with her last energy.. like she was saying thank you.. The vet told us she would have been death in a week if she wasn’t been rescued. Now Itaka is with us and she is happy again, she really likes to be with humans and loves attention. Itaka has a dust allergy so she needs special food. Itaka her favorite food is a carrot!


AGE: 11

Small Shetlander full with worms and had many foals in her short life. Vlinder was bought but in a bad shape. She was full with worms and she had many foals close after each other, she was pregnant more than not pregnant as she was put in a field with stallions, being pregnant that much had a bad impact on her small posture. After a few weeks in the Centre we found out Vlinder was pregnant and a few months later she gave birth to little Sassu. Vlinder is a temperament full little pony, she loves to mess around and is obsessed with food. Vlinder loves to walk around freely, just grazing the fields or forest minding her own business. She isn’t that fond of touching her belly, she will let you know when it is enough. She loves apples.. and will always say Hi to you when you come to the forest.. whining with her little voice and follows you around because maybe you have some food for her..


AGE: 2

Little Sassu is born at the center and you can tell! He is full of trust and is fearless! He loves to play with little Sophie, his mommy Vlinder or with us. We let him walk freely every day and he just loves it.. Saying hello to all the big horses and people visiting. Coming into the saddle room for some horse candy or just goofing around. He is so much fun! Sassu loves to play with everything from wheelbarrows up to water.. He loves to go for a walk up the mountain with us and his favorite treat is a carrot!


AGE: 12

Lolita came to us after a message from a worried lady who asked us for help. Lolita lived with 4 ponies. She is the sweetest soul, even our Vet said she is more a dog than a donkey! Loves to cuddle, walk with you and just be with you. She was used for donkey rides and had a really hard life.. she had a baby but they took it away from her and than she got really depressed. It is so hard to believe that a sweet soul as Lolita has been beaten and badly mistreated so badly. She just wants to be friends with everyone.. She has fat lumps all over her body and bold spots because of the bad food she had.


AGE: 11

Mora is one of the ponies who came to the centre with 4 others. Mora is the mom of Maria. Mora does not trust people and who can blame her. We have heard she has been beaten many times, was left without food and drinks for days. Now she is with us and we will try to give her trust and show her people can be good as well. If she trust us enough we can start to treat her bolt spots and tail.


AGE: 9

Rose belongs as well to the group of 5. Rose had another name but we wanted to rename her as she really needs to start a new life. She is a gentle pony with a good temper only has been to so much and has seen only the bad part of people. When she arrived her tail was one big ball, one dreadlock, we even found parts of iron in her hair. She has a severe eczema and by scratching so much she has a lot of bold parts on her face, manes and tail. We are treating her bold spots and hopefully this delicate rose will bloom again. Rose is the mom of Polka..


AGE: 2

Polka is the daughter of Rose.. She is a beauty but scared of everything. As she was escaping a lot of the place she used to life she got punished a lot and now she will not come to people at all. She can jump more than 1.20m just so she can escape and not to be touched. It breaks your heart as you can see in her eyes she wants to come to you but she has learned with her young age that humans are bad.. we have patience and trust and we will become friends and show her the people can be good as well.

Help us taking care of all the horses and give them the future they deserve!